A book that is shut is but a block.

Thomas Fuller

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~Written 2 months ago~
~Mood: Nostalgic~
Okay, so I feel I must explain a few things to you. First of all, I am male, and believe it or not, I am a homosapien. That may come as a shock to a few of you seeing as I do come across as slightly ‘weird’. However I would prefer to tag myself as eccentric.
I guess it is partly due to my love for old things that makes me this way. One thing that I absolutely adore is old records; I love the authentic sound they produce, especially when they’re slightly scratchy.
I listen to all sorts of music. Some of you will remember my love for swing, and that love is still on-going.
I’m telling you this because today, I obtained yet another gem! I am listening to it now, and I must tell you that the voice of Fred Astaire is simply marvellous!
‘Now, if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to why don’t you go where fashion sits, puttin’ on the Ritz’.
That is one of my favourite songs!
Well I must go now. I’m expected at @Tazer64’s house for dinner. His wife is cooking some special Thai meal, so that ought to be interesting… *Psst. She’s not too great of a cook:S*
Signed: Steam_master00
@Tazer64: Hey! Watch it, Captain!
@Steam_master00: Captain?;) Well that’s a new one. Where did that come from?
@Tazer64: Well you know, ‘cause you’re Jack. Jack Sparrow?
~Written 7 weeks ago~
~Mood: Hungry~
Well @Tazer64’s wife’s cooking was actually fantastic! I guess she found her forte in Thai cuisine.
However on a different note, I had a slightly strange experience earlier. I was attempting to tap dance to Fred Astaire’s beautiful voice (hey don’t laugh!) and I swear down to all that is holy that he was screaming during an instrumental… Now I can’t find it again, but I swear that I was NOT making it up. Granted, it wasn’t very loud, but it was noticeable. Then again, it might have been something going on outside.
I’ll let you guys know if it happens again.
Signed: Steam_master00
@Mimixo: You’re just going mad, that’s all.
@Kiethorz: I could try my hand at exorcism…
@Kiethorz: Seriously:)
@Rayza: Whatever. I think we all know you make a lot of crap up. Just shut the hell up!
@Kiethorz: If you don’t believe in this sort of thing, don’t comment on anything to do with it. And also, if you don’t like Steam, you know what you can do? UNFOLLOW him!
@Rayza: Oh aren’t we getting a bit pissy;) Chill out big boy. I wouldn’t want you to awaken the ghosties!
@Steam_master00: Reina, please stop doing this. You’re just embarrassing yourself..
~Written 7 weeks ago~
~Mood: -~
Okay so that was the worst night I’ve had in a while… I only had nightmares. I guess I’ll tell you about one.
I was walking home from the store near my work, but when I got home, it wasn’t exactly my home, but my old high school. I could hear music playing at the end of a long corridor, but it was really distorted as though it were played on some sort of wind-up gramophone. As I got nearer to the room at the end, the pitch of the music got lower and lower. I entered the room, and it was a massive hall, but it was empty apart from a gramophone with a record playing (now at the right.. or so I think.. pitch) in it. The only light-source in the room was a candle on a table next to the gramophone.
I walked over to the gramophone to see what record it was, but it was spinning really fast. It got faster and faster and faster, and I was mesmerised, and someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder. I swung around and it was a young girl in a ballet outfit.
She stared at me for about a minute without blinking or saying anything. She then walked into the centre of the room and began to dance. Her dancing was weird and disjointed in the way that a ball-jointed doll can bend in disturbing ways. She danced for a while, and then all she did was spin on one foot in the centre of the floor. For an instance, all sound dropped away, and then there was an odd sound that was slowly growing louder and louder. At some point I realised that it was screaming. The girl was screaming. And just spinning. And screaming. And staring at me… her head never moved from facing me…
Oh it sends shivers down my spine to remember that. She was, hands down, the most unnerving thing I have ever had to experience…
Signed: Steam_master00
@Rayza: Oh here we go again…
@Tazer64: Hey, man. You coming again tonight?
@Steam_master00: Sure.
@Tazer64: Be here at 7, no later.
@Ebonymist: I’ve had creepy dreams, but this is in a league of its own. You might want to go to someone who specialises on the meanings of dreams.
@PinkieMan: Punch it in the stomach!
@Steam_master00: Oh yes, I’m sure that will help!
~Written 6 weeks ago~
~Mood: Sick~
‘Mood: emotionally sick’, that ought to be. I have had hardly any sleep these past few nights. That dream I explained to you keeps reoccurring… each time, her dancing becomes more disjointed, and now, as she screams, blood begins to come from her mouth.
Also, every time that I listen to that record, I notice more and more screaming. Yes, it started off quietly and I couldn’t tell if it was from the record or from somewhere else. Now I am certain that it is from the record.
Signed: Steam_master00
~Written 6 weeks ago~
~Mood: -~
Ummm… that was just weird.. I was about to go for a shower when the record started playing of its own accord. The screams are playing all throughout the track now, and I can barely hear the singing. There is no way to turn it off! Oh I’m out of here!
Signed: Steam_master00
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@Kiethorz: What’s your address? I will be over as soon as I can if you want me to try some sort of exorcism.
~Written 5 weeks ago~
~Mood: Scared~
The girl appears in my room, and it’s not just at night; it’s the day time as well. Well.. it’s not like she is a physical being, but there is definitely something here. I can sense it. The reason I know it’s her is because the feeling I get from this being watching me is exactly the same feeling I get in the dream. Oh God…. Oh dear Lord.. I think she knows that I’m telling you this. And she won’t stop playing that infernal record!
It has started playing in the middle of the night.
I made @Tazer64 come over with his wife. Well… they were the ones who wanted proof, so they came over to see what was going on.
They. Could not. Hear. A. BLOODY. THING!!! And what’s more is that as soon as they told me they couldn’t hear anything, the girl spun the record faster, laughing. It was such an eerie laugh. I would say that it was like a child, but there was something emotionless and old about it, too.
I’ll feel a bit safer if I am with someone, maybe. I am going to go live with someone else for a while until I can do something about it.
Signed: Steam_master00
@Rayza: Ha! Attention whore!
@_______: If you run, I will only follow you. I can hurt you even when you are not alone.
@Steam_master00: Uhhh… what?
~Written 5 weeks ago~
~Mood: Nauseous~
So I am staying with a friend of mine. For the first day, it was alright. I seriously thought that I was rid of this girl and her screaming, and the screaming swing, but oh boy, was I mistaken.
I woke up this morning at about 3 in the worst state. You’ll have to pardon this, but I had drenched the sheets in sweat. She came to me last night. As she was spinning and screaming, she reached out her hand. Apparently she was closer than I imagined, and she began to scratch me across the chest as she span. I really tried to run away, but I was paralysed. Her screaming became interspersed with that sickeningly manic laugh. The pain was unbearable, as eventually, she was re-scratching at raw flesh. I could feel the blood dripping down my chest.
So I woke up believing it all to be a dream, but as my panicked panting wore off, I noticed a searing pain across my chest.
Oh God, if she can HARM me… well… she can harm me.
The music of the record follows me now wherever I go. And her screaming, bacchic laughter is driving me to insanity! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!
Signed: Steam_master00
@_______: Soon.
~Written 5 weeks ago~
~Mood: -~
Why is it that no-one else can hear any of this. They can’t even see my wounds.
The dream has slightly changed now… well kind of. Now they just start where they left off, and each night, she is closer to me. Each dream, she digs deeper, and each morning, I lift up my shirt and the cuts are deeper. I now have a line of raw flesh across my chest, and it has got to the point where I can see a line of white bone… my ribs, that is.
I needed stitches yesterday, badly, but I knew that no-one could see the cuts, and so I had to sew myself up. What a waste. I woke up this morning and she had sliced right through them. I don’t like where this is going. I thought that it would stop, but clearly, CLEARLY, it is getting worse than I’d ever expected.
I think she knows what I type here and what I say to people. Whenever I insinuate that I am going mad, or that I might be able to get help, she laughs right in my ear, caressing me with those horrifying nails. I can smell the iron of my blood when she is near.
Signed: Steam_master00
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@Rayza: You do need help. I’m glad we broke up. You’re insane.
~Written 5 weeks ago~
~Mood: -~
Okay so this is maybe some salvation. I had the dream as usual last night, and this time when I woke up the record was playing. There was no screaming or laughing. The only sound on the record was Fred Astaire’s voice. I couldn’t believe it. I thought that it had finally ended and all I could do was smile in relief. I called @Tazer64 to tell him the wonderful news (Sorry mate, I know 3 am isn’t the best time for ecstatic laughter and joy). I got up and danced to the music. Of course I didn’t realise that this was odd as my record was still at home.
That’s when it came to me. That sickening smell of iron… and something pushed me to the floor. I could feel a dead weight on top of me, and the smell grew stronger. I am ashamed to say that I threw up, but so would you if you could have smelt that. As I choked, that laughter burnt through my body and then, she spoke. She whispered in my ear, slowly, almost spitting the words out: ‘This is it’, and then the weight was released from my body. The laughter rang throughout the house, and it travelled outside and was gone.
I think.. I pray.. I think she has gone!
Signed: Steam_master00
@Kiethorz: Way to go, mate! That was some freakish shit, but maybe she got what she wanted.
@Ebonymist: I talked to someone about your dreams. He said that he’d never heard of something like this, but he suggested you might be stressed about something.
@Tazer64: Mate, we were getting really worried about you. We suggested calling some counsellor.
@_______: Oh just you wait.
@Ebonymist: Okay, whoever this is, stop. You know that Steam’s going through a hard time, so he doesn’t need you to add to this. You’re just creeping him out even more.
@Hanana: Oh this is great! I’m starting to believe this!
@Tazer64: I can assure you that he was seriously going through this. Whether it was all in his mind or not, I cannot say, but he really was having a horrifying time.
@Hanana: Alright…
~Written 5 weeks ago~
I have what I want from him, at least. His body will make the ideal portal, as it were, for us to enter your world. All we want are your minds and your hearts. We feed on your hearts, and your minds provide the necessary electrical signals for us to bind ourselves to you. We will have you all.
Signed: Steam_master00
@Tazer64: Uhh… what’s up?
@Kiethorz: Oh this is not good…
@Hanana: Why? O_o
@Kiethorz: Never mind.
@Hanana: Urrr okay?
@Rayza: Freak
@Tazer64: Okay, dude, where are you?
@Rayza: Ha! He’s probably been abducted by aliens!
@Kiethorz: Don’t make fun of him! He’s gone through a hell of a lot, and at this point, we all need to support him.
@Tazer64: That would be a great thing to do if he would just answer his phone, his email… ANYTHING!
@Tazer64: Okay.. this is not funny now. It’s been about a month. Where the hell are you?
@Tazer64: Oh dear Lord. I just went to his house… he is not there, but a hell of a lot of very real blood IS there… and it feels like hell to stand in there.
@Hanana: Oh shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to know!
@Kiethorz: Shit. I told you it wasn’t good.
@Ebonymist: I… am not sleeping tonight…
@Tazer64: @Kiethorz, come and visit me. I’ll send you a private message with my address. You appear to know a bit about this.
@Rayza: …
Spin Spin - Xxx