An ordinary man can... surround himself with two thousand books... and thenceforward have at least one place in the world in which it is possible to be happy.

Augustine Birrell

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Saw a Cadillac for the first time yesterday
I'd always seen horses, buggies, bales of hay
`Cause progress here don't move with modern times
There's nothing to steal
So there's not a great deal of crime
I could see it coming from a mile away
A heartache lookin' for a place to stay
But I couldn't resist her and I couldn't be cool
Lord can't a woman make a man a fool
Hold me close and hold me fast.
This magic spell you cast;
This is la vie en rose.
When you kiss me, heaven sighs.
And though i close my eyes
Trên con đường vắng tôi theo nàng đi trong đêm khuya
Con tim tôi đập theo bước chân nàng đi trên con đường khuya
Em xinh tươi làm sao !
Nhưng sao em lặng thinh !
Ngất ngây tôi yêu nàng và tôi đi theo em suốt đêm
Anh yêu em và anh xin em đừng quay lưng với tình yêu
How're you going to make your way in the world
When you weren't cut out for working
When your fingers are slender and frail
How're you going to get around
In this sleazy bedroom town
If you don't put yourself up for sale
There's a rumor going round
About the company you keep
Didn't want to believe it
But you been talking in your sleep
Now I know the reason
Scende la notte, tranquillit�¨�¤
Piano il buio respira
Solo la luna veglier�¨�¤
Con argento ci coprir�¨�¤
Dal grande cielo splender�¨�¤
Solo la luna veglier�¨�¤
[Verse 1:]
First off I'm a say it like this
I don't care where she's going 'cause I'm that, I'm that chick
I know I got what it takes
Ain't never been the hardest chick, I'm a particular make
And I ain't tryin to be happy with it
October 31
My ryhmes are like a
When i get done wit you they gonna need a bodybag & a hurse
I'm crazy like slimshady
Battlin' you is like stealin' candy from a baby
Your mommas a trick bicth
Your accountant called this morning
There was springtime in his heart
He couldn't wait to tell me
How he'd pulled our lives apart
And the letter from your lawyer
Lies unopened on the tray
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