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Theodore N. Vail

Bài Hát Xem Nhiều
Bài hát mới đăng
Bài hát theo vần
Tác giả theo vần
[Chorus: x2]
I never meant to give you mushrooms girl
I never meant to bring you to my world
Now you sitting in the corner crying
And now its my fault (My fault)
Yo yo yo yo cutie, do you have a cutie!
If you ain't a cutie! just let me know,
'Cause I'm lookin' for a cutie! Just like you cutie!
What do you think? cutie! Are we good to go?
Yo yo yo yo cutie, do you have a cutie!
I left my fear behind me
Of those lights out by the station
The government is lying
The youth they won't believe them
We can't go wrong
Baby tell me where'd you ever learn
To fight without sayin' a word
Then waltz back into my life
Like it's all gonna be alright
Don't you know how much it hurts
There's a moon in the sky
It's called the moon
And everybody is there, including,
Saturn, Mercury
Saturn, Venus
He comes for conversation
I comfort him sometimes
Comfort and consultation
He knows that's what he'll find
I bring him apples and cheeses
He brings me songs to play
Every evening, eight o'clock, the curtain's up, the band begins to play
The mayor's there, his lovely wife's been squeezed into the fashions of the day
You make your entrance on time
Decadent, thrilling, divine
You're hypnotic, so exotic, the audience just sighs and melts away
This is your song, to let you know how much I love you
You have my heart and I know I can't live without you
This is your song, to keep you when the nights are lonely
Only for you darling, you're all that I've waited for
And this song, my love is yours for evermore
Em không thể nào tin được
Mình đã yêu
Nhưng em biết trái tim mình đa mang
Nỗi nhớ cứ vơi cứ đầy
Lúc xa lúc gần
Khi nghe anh hát dòng Dakbla,
I know, you know
We don't see
We sow our truth, wait patiently
I walk the streets with a song in my head
We ebb and we flow so
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