The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.

James Bryce

Adrian, don't you understand?
Fools like us are always dreaming.
And when you go to bed
And cover up your head
It's better if you try to stop remembering.
Những tháng ngày qua nhanh với bóng tối
Con tim đang mồ côi khát khao bóng dáng người.
Tiếc nhớ gì đây khi đã đánh mất bao yêu thương người trao
Ứơc mơ xa vời.
Nhẹ nhàng quên ái ân cả 2 trái tim không buồn
I wonder if you think of me
Somewhere in the shadows of your mind, ooh
Although our love could never be
I found I think about you all the time, ooh baby
Am I in your fantasies
The way you always wander into mine, oo
Comfort me
From a world where no one cares
Where the words turn into cages
And memories cut like glass
I closed my eyes on you
Put the blames on myself
I've been here before and I don't like it
I'm trying to find where I went wrong
'Cause I never want to feel the way I do right now ever again
Totally lost and all alone
Can you save me?
You can look a hurricane right in the eye
Twelve hundred people dead or left to die
Follow the leaders
Were it an eye for an eye
We'd all be blind, deaf or murdered
This im sure
Ann a sleepin' on my bed
Hair a tumblin' 'round your head
You will always be a part of me
When I look in your eyes, it's my
Reflection I see
Stacks of paper, my name in bold print
Yours right besides it on this document
Too many lawyers, too many angry words
So much we didn't say, so much we never heard
Do you remember
When I was all that you were living for
Lặng nhìn mùa thu lá rơi
Gió hát lao xao lắng nghe thời gian lướt xa
Đếm lá thu rơi vẫn nghe lòng bao thiết tha
Người yêu dấu ơi mong anh quay về
Khi tình yêu đến cho ta ngàn niềm vui ước mơ
And I've nearly found a place to call my own
Waking gently feel her presence near
Devil shattered, warmth is everywhere
I am only a child of hers, my guardian goddess
Now, I'm reaching my journey's end inside her womb
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