Love is always within. When you try to dramatize your love, you lose the depth of the love.

Charan Singh

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Without Your Love
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No more lonely talking
Waiting for the phone
No more lonely walking
In the streets alone
Today the sun is shining
'Cause' since I meet you
The sky seems so blue
And I'm digging your love
I'm digging your love
I am forever in your arms
Can't get enough
And I go crazy
When you're not here
I want to follow you my friend
To everywhere
I'm digging your love
Through a lot of dangers
Looking for a life
Meet a lot of strangers
Drifting in the night
But now the world is changing
Because of that light
That shines in your eyes
I get lost
I get high
You are taking me to the skies
When you're looking at me

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