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Dorothy Fields & Coleman

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Ca sĩ: The Weeknd
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When the sun goes up, you're searching for a love
So your heart won't lead you to anyone
When the sun goes down, I know what you become
You become awaken, like the rest of us
[Verse 1]
I lay my head on a thousand beds
It's been a test to see how far a man
Can go without himself
I think I lost the only piece that held it all in place
Now my madness is the only love I let myself embrace
I could've stayed
But I chose the life
I chose the life
Then I realized
She might have been the one
I let it go
For a little fun
I made a trade
Gave away our days
For a little fame
Now I'll never see your face
But it's okay I adapted anyway
[Verse 2]
Adapted to these models
Who adapted to the bottle
They take it down like water
Just to burn away their sorrows
I'll stay up till tomorrow
Just to tear down all their morals
And all is fair in Love and War
She's pure
So pure, like the love that's so uncut and raw
And clean, so clean, as opposed to what I offered
She might just be the one (x4)