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Marva Collins

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Ebook "A Caribbean Mystery"
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Tác giả: Agatha Christie
Thể loại: Trinh Thám
Biên tập: Yen
Language: English
Số chương: 37
Phí download: 5 gạo
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Số lần đọc/download: 5641 / 97
Cập nhật: 2015-01-24 12:31:11 +0700
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r. Graham also woke early. Usually he turned over and went to sleep again. But today he was uneasy and sleep failed to come. This anxiety that made it so difficult to go to sleep again was a thing he had not suffered from for a long time. What was causing this anxiety? Really, he couldn't make it out. He lay there thinking it over. Something to do with-something to do with-yes Major Palgrave. Major Palgrave's death? He didn't see, though, what there could be to make him uneasy there. Was it something that that twittery old lady had said? Bad luck for her about her snapshot. She'd taken it very well. But now what was it she had said, what chance word of hers had it been that had given him this funny feeling of uneasiness?
After all, there was nothing odd about the Major's death. Nothing at all. At least he supposed there was nothing at all. It was quite clear that in the Major's state of health-a faint check came in his thought process. Did he really know much about Major Palgrave's state of health? Everybody said that he'd suffered from high blood pressure. But he himself had never had any conversation with the Major about it. But then he'd never had much conversation with Major Palgrave anyway. Palgrave was an old bore and he avoided old bores. Why on earth should he have this idea that perhaps everything mightn't be all right? Was it that old woman? But after all she hadn't said anything. Anyway, it was none of his business. The local authorities were quite satisfied. There had been that bottle of Serenite tablets, and the old boy had apparently talked to people about his blood pressure quite freely. Dr. Graham turned over in bed and soon went to sleep again.
utside the hotel grounds, in one of a row of shanty cabins beside a creek, the girl Victoria Johnson rolled over and sat up in bed. The St. Honor? girl was a magnificent creature with a torso of black marble such as a sculptor would have enjoyed. She ran her fingers through her dark, tightly curling hair. With her foot she nudged her sleeping companion in the ribs.
�Wake up, man.�
The man grunted and turned.
''What you want? It's not morning."
�Wake up, man. I want to talk to you.�
The man sat up, stretched, showed a wide mouth and beautiful teeth. �What's worrying you, woman?�
�That Major man who died. Something I don't like. Something wrong about it.�
�Ah, what d'you want to worry about that? He was old. He died.�
�Listen, man. It's them pills. Them pills the doctor asked me about.�
�Well, what about them? He took too many maybe.�
�No. It's not that. Listen.� She leant towards him, talking vehemently. He yawned widely and then lay down again. �There's nothing in that. What're you talking about?�
�All the same, I'll speak to Mrs. Kendal about it in the morning. I think there's something wrong there somewhere.�
�Shouldn't bother,� said the man who, without benefit of ceremony, she considered as her present husband. �Don't let's look for trouble,� he said and rolled over on his side yawning.
A Caribbean Mystery A Caribbean Mystery - Agatha Christie A Caribbean Mystery