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Tom Hopkins

The Civil War, a Narrative - Red River to Appomattox

Tác giả: Shelby Foote
Thể loại: Lịch Sử
Language: English
Giới thiệu

In an epic story that spans 150 years and continues to the present day, Iris Chang tells of a people's search for a better life—the determination of the Chinese to forge an identity and a destiny in a strange land and, often against great obstacles, to find success. She chronicles the many accomplishments in America of Chinese immigrants and their descendents: building the infrastructure of their adopted country, fighting racist and exclusionary laws, walking the racial tightrope between black and white, contributing to major scientific and technological advances, expanding the literary canon, and influencing the way we think about racial and ethnic groups. Interweaving political, social, economic, and cultural history, as well as the stories of individuals, Chang offers a bracing view not only of what it means to be Chinese American, but also of what it is to be American.

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