You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well.

Lewis B. Smedes

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Young, Gifted and Black
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Truly young gifted and black.
Wo ward oh lowly, precious is
Oh when your,
yes yes when your
When your young yeah thank you jesus, gifted and you black
Your plan, your heart is all I need.
In this cold world you know,
There are millions of boys and girls
Who are young gifted and black.
With their souls in tact.
And thats a fact.
You are young gifted and your black.
We must begin to tell our young:
Theres a world waiting for you (you!)
Yours is the quest that's just begun.
When your feeling real low.
Heres a great truth you should remember and know:
That your young gifted and your black
You got your soul in tact
Oh and thats a fact.
You are young gifted and black
Oh it's a very sweet thing yes it is now.
Young gifted and black
(My sistas!)
Young gifted and black
Your young and your black, you got your soul in tact, keep your eye on the
Field, you know you I'll for a fact.
Young gifted and black(fades).