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George Steiner

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Ca sĩ: Diana Ross
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Me Find Body Mind
Weak Strong True
Warm Real
Touch Feel
Mind Love You
We are every season
You are every reason
Thank you baby 'cause you
You made me believe
I could believe
In me once again
I'm free once again
You make this world
A better place
Give me your hand
I want to face it again
I got life
I got love
I got you
I needed the simplicity of love
Never dreamed that I find that kind of depth for what we have today
For the closeness of our bodies
Is a beautiful expression of the intimacy as we share in our minds
And because we are willing to acknowledge each others human weakness
We are able to find the strength we need for our love to grow
From attraction, to closeness, to companionship as our new phase
For that kind of love is as true as the warmth of the sun
And is as real as a child's tear
'Cause that's something I can touch, something you can't explain
But something you can feel
I got life
I got love
I got you
You just need to be there
Find And babe then you find me there
Body Love my body
Mind And live live in my mind
Weak Together we'll find
Strong Where we can be strong
True True love 's never wrong
Warm You make me warm
Real You make me real
Touch Now I can touch
Feel What I feel in my heart
I got life
I got love
I got you
Me Mind Body...
You're weak and your strong
Strong, True