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Yardie Bone
Sáng tác:
Ca sĩ: Sean Paul
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Historically speaking
International speaking we got the girl them tweaking
Single girl dem to the one wey creepin'
To the one dem weh outright cheating
Say girls from all over the world call on my phone and them a
Tell me say them need the yardie bone, because
Then love it bad...And if they don't get it them a goin' go mad
Say girls from all over the world call on my cell, because..
They know the yardie boys do it well, swell
It's a well known fact from they get the yardie bone then they must come back
From outta the freezin' breezin' them gal deh blowin' up my phone
Them cannot get me at my yard them callin' Don Corleon
She left a message say she horny and she deh there all alone, she want me..
Up inna the zone to give her the real yardie bone
Me represent magnificent because me know me full grown
Give her the length and give her the strength because it hard like a stone
And to how me deal with it she say dutty a your own
Say the yardie youth them just can't be cloned.
Alright I got a phat kitty katty from over Cincinnati
She a tell me say the last time me slap it she so happy, say she
Can't forgot it the way me wippy and me wappy
Like a 12 gauge cartridge from out I man shotty, from
Cairo, Egypt right back to Angola, gal dem a Spain and Portugal and Hispaniola
Them blowin' up the minutes on I man Motorola
Say me a dem yard papi chulo
Hey yo we got all these girls from overseas and all the West Indies
Yow dem say them bawlin' for it
Them deh a foreign a freeze and want the ocean breeze
So they be callin' for it
Them all a beg man please and all a drop pon knees
Hey yow dem really bawlin' for it
Me naw go get no ease them swarm me just like bees
Them really callin' for it
[Chorus: x2]