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Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

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When You Dream
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Ca sĩ: Diana Ross
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Just close your eyes
And slowly drift away
Call the stars down from the skies
It's the end of another day
Let your spirits fly
Into this magic night
You should be fast asleep
Bathed in golden light
It's late at night
I watch you sleep
Holding you tight
My love will protect and keep you strong
All night long
Dreams are for dreamers
Who somehow lost their way
Once you find the secret
There's no need to be afraid
And tell the bad dreams to just go away
Dreams are like rainbows
Just follow where they lead
In your dreams you found the lock
In your prayers you'll find the key
My love will guide you
High above the stars
In dreams you can do many wonderful things
Even find out who you are
When you dream I'll be there
Just picture me in your mind
When you're scared
I'll take care of you
When you dream I'll be there
If you need someone to hold
Hold on to me
That's all you have to do
To make you dreams come true
Dreams can be magic
If the truth is what you seek
Open up your heart
And you'll be forever free
When you dream
And tell the bad dreams
To just go away...