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Bertolt Brecht

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The Song Is Over
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For you I say our praise is sung
Tell the collar on the sky
A new rose in the universe
Sing a lullaby
More... ...out of dirt
So close to me
He robbed me of my strangerhood
And flew away to be free
The song's over
The song's over now
Assuming our sad goodbye
The song's over the tune stays in my mind
Baby, baby sing it one more time
Close to my ear
Mellow toned vibrations come
Sadness disappears
Do it to me once again
Before you say goodbye
Embrace me softly with your smile
The song's over
The singer said goodbye
The song's over
It's Doomsday on my mind
I close my eyes and sail away
The juke-box played your song today
Tomorrow has been like your yesterday
I can't forget what you used to say
Open your eyes and live my love!
You see it's not me you're dreaming of
Though it seems so important now
Singing makes it all seem so good somehow
The song's over