A book is to me like a hat or coat - a very uncomfortable thing until the newness has been worn off.

Charles B. Fairbanks

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The Church of What’s Happening Now
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I want to change, to rearrange
What is going on
I need to change, I need to play
Like a five year old
I can't detach from the past and all of the pain
I need to learn, start from scratch begin again
Throw away yesterday
Today is a brand new day
Throw away yesterday
Today is a brand new day
So I'm going to eat one hundred sweets
I don't care if I get fat
And I'm going to speak one I won't censor me
I know I can take nothing back
And I'm going to jump I will unburden
I cannot go too deep
I will not run from bad things I've done
They're things I'll try not to repeat
Welcome to
The church of what's happening now
Head straight through
It costs nothing but change
[Chorus: x3]
Today, yes today,
And today is a brand new day
Throw away, yesterday
'Cause today is a brand new day