If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don’t have it, no matter what else there is, it’s not enough.

Ann Landers

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Takin' The Easy Way Out
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Ca sĩ: Leo Sayer
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You contend
That you'll never got back to her again
You're as free as a night without end
So you tell your friends
Just what you had to endure
When you told her never, never again
And as the room about you starts to bend
You pretend
That you've taken the easy way out
Though you know ehn you told her last night
You were fakin' the easy way out
With one hand reachin' fo the door
But your feet weren't movin'
They were nailed to the floor
As she told you once more
There's no easy way to get out
She's not like you
She'd rather stay at home
'n' not get the blues
And if you ever do try to intrude
She's so respectfully rude
So it was hard to believe
Last night while you were drunk 'n'
Threatening to leave
That she walked through the door with such ease
'n' threw you the key
And she's takin' the easy way out
And you're alone with no number to call
She's taken the easy way out
With one hand reachin' for the door
And you so speechless
Marooned on the floor
She walked out of your life
Couldn't stand it no more
Now you're all on your own
'Cause she's taken the easy way out
You know she's taken the easy way out
Oh, but your pride will only admit to a lie
Yeah, she's taken the easy way out
But, to your friends
You're the hero of the night
Drowning with beef all the tears in your eyes
Hopin' it don't show that you're dyin' inside
'Cause you can't quite believe
That she's taken the easy way out
There's no goin' back now
Stuck here on your own
Lookin' for a home
Drunk and on the streets
Stuck on your feet