From my point of view, a book is a literary prescription put up for the benefit of someone who needs it.

S.M. Crothers

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Take Care of You
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Ca sĩ: Collin Raye
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When it's just not your day
The whole world's on your case
Tears rollin' down your face
It's more than you can take
I, I wanna take care of you
Wanna do it all yourself
Don't want anybody's help
I know your tough as nails
Remember, girl, when all else fails
I, I wanna take care of you
Surrender, baby, I'm right here
Let go of all your doubts and fears
Turn 'em off, lay 'em down
All on me, right here, right now
All those voices in your head
Doesn't matter what they said
Just let me do what I was born to do
I wanna take care of you
When you go and chase your dreams
And give them your everything
Lookin' back it seems
Baby, you can count on me
I wanna take care of you
I wanna take care of you, my baby!
I wanna take care of you
Yes, I'm gonna take care of you