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James Allen

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So Not Over You
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Ca sĩ: Simply Red
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Don't know why I still slept on my side of the bed
The emptiness when you were gone kept ringing in my head
Told myself I really had to move along now
Stop regretting all the things I left unsaid, yeah, yeah
So I tore up your letters
Took your picture off my wall
I deleted your number; it was too hard not to call
Felt a little better, told myself I'd be fine
Got to live for the good times up ahead, yeah, yeah
'Cause everywhere I go
There's a love song that reminds me of you
And even though I knew I had to be strong
I was still not over you
'Cause I still believe, and I could see how there's nothing left of you and me
That time is over
'Cause I'm so not over you
All my friends try to tell me that I'd find somebody new
Why waste time being lonely when there's nothing left to lose?
Anything to get you out of my mind
I'm a fool if I thought I could forget
And I could not forget
Now I found a way to keep you there beside me
To where my love won't be denied
I can only hope to keep you there and guide me
There's no more need to hide from all this pain inside
So not over you
That time is over
'Cause I'm so not over you