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Henry Ford

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Since I've Been Loving You (Live 1976)
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Ca sĩ: Led Zeppelin
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IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII've been workin' from seven
Baby to eleven every night.
OOOOH-YEAH, It really makes life a drag, drag, drag.
People I know you don't think that's right.
I've really been the best,
the best of fools.
Oooh, yes but I did what I could.
Yes I did.
Oh I love you mama,
yes I love you baby,
Woah I love ya,
Oh I love ya,
Oh baby, since I've been loving you,
I'm about to lose,
my worried mind.
Oooh, don't make me lose it!
Everybody try'na tell me, tell me,
OOOOOWOOWOOOAAH, that you didn't leave me no good
But I tried, I tried,
I tried, I tried
OOOOH, I really tried to do the best I could!
I've been-a workin',
I've been-a workin,
I've been-a workin' from seven,
AAAWW, baby baby to
eleven everynight
Yes it's a drag, woah it's a drag,
My it's a drag, yes it's a drag,
Sweet Mama,
Sweet Mama, I don't think that's right!
OOOOOOH, baby since I've been loving you,
I'm about to lose,
my worried mind.
AAAW, don't make me, don't make me,
don't make me, don't make me,
don'tmake me lose it!
[Awesome guitar solo]
WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS, I've been cryin' woo-oooooh yeah,
Oh my tears they fell like rain don't you see them fallin'?
Baby can't you see them fallin'?
OW, my,my,my,my,my,my,my,my,my,
Can't you see them fallin'?
Now you listen, just you listen,
Do you remember mama when I knocked upon your door?
You had the nerve to tell me you didn't want me no more!
I open my front door,
Here my back door slam!
I said "Hey babe, hey baby,
I gotta new backdoor man yeah yeah yeah!
OOOOOH I've been workin from seven,
AAAW, baby to eleven everynight.
Yes it's a drag, a-my it's a drag,
yes it's a drag now mama, my it's a drag.
I don't, I don't, I don't think that's right!
OOOOOOOOOOOH baby, since ive been loving you,
I'm about to lose,
My worried mind.
I can't lose it, Ive been tryin' so hard!
WWWAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOH, yeah, yes, I've been tryin'!
OOO-OOOH baby, baby, I've been tryin'
Don't make me lose,
Don't make me lose,
My worried mind.
Jimmy Page guitar!