How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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Pac's Life (feat. T.I. & Ashanti)
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Ca sĩ: 2Pac
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Uh oh, uh oh, oh! Oh! Oh!
They ain't ready for this
LT Hutton
It's that new 'Pac y'all
Pac's life
(Everybody need's to chill)
Everybody talking 'bout Pac's life
(It's Tupac the king)
What do you know about Pac's life
(What do you know? What do you know?)
(Only real *****s stay on top)
Everybody talking 'bout Pac's life
Started with five shots, *****s plotting to kill him
Never figured that, that same ***** sell five million
Hit the charts like a mad man nothing but hits
Court cases got a ***** facing multiple digits
Dodging cop cars look how we come so far
Picture a high school drop out
Rolling a double R
House full of happiness, weed and drank
Way out
So when trouble tried to find me can't
Never visioned living longer than my twenty first
Thought I'd locked down, cracked out or in the dirt
And though it hurts to see the change
It comes with the fame
Watch them gossip in this silly game
To all the ************'s speaking down on me this is the night
Why's everybody caught up in Pac's life?
To all y'all *****s
Conversating on my life
Mind your **********ing business
I remember that
What's happening Pac
Yeah I know we never got to meet
But we know all the same people so we got to speak
You taught me first, fake ***** can't stop a G
And all the **** you went through
Meant a lot to me
But when they locked you up for for nothing it was shame to see
You we know the crack came and did the same thing to me
I get along with real *****s it's the lane to be
Talking loud out of pocket tryna bang with me
And so I pull it out my pocket let it rain you see
Now they all in the court room blaming me
See we ain't live the same life but represent the same struggle
Power to the real *****s death to the sucker's
Money over *****es, get to know 'em for you love 'em
Death before dishonor never talk to under cover's
Live by the same rules so I minus the tattoo's
With the same sort of dude with he same short fuse
I gettin' money in large amounts
My garage full of cars that bounce
Moving my tapes in major weight cause every dollar counts
Busters is jealous and half these *****s is punks
They running off at the mouth till I fill it up with my pump
They jump my automatic keep 'em weary
While you fronting like you Billy Bad ***
***** you scary
I been knowing you for years
We was high school peers
In Junior High
I was itching' to kill
And you was, 'Ready To Die'
While you bullshitting *****s was dying and catching cases
Busting my automatics at ************'s in foreign places
Leaving no trace, they see my face and then they buried
*****es die in a hurry
Still I ride, I'm never worried
Mr. Makaveli tell me to ride and I'ma ride
Pick my enemies out the crowd
And ************'s die
It's not the way I wanna live
My ***** it's how it is
Only real *****s stay on top
Why are all you *****s all up in my ****?
Tell them ************'s
**** all y'all