Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.

Henry Ward Beecher

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Oops, my heart went oops
The moment that we met my heart went oops
I never will forget my heart turned hoops
The moment that I met you
Oops, my feet went oops
I nearly took a spill--my knees went oops
They shook up it until my head went oops
You must'nt let it get you
I was going for a very
Choo'd call a solitary sorta stroll
Just a twiddle of my thumb
When I heard a lot of drums begun to pound and roar
And, oops, my heart went oops
It went into a spin of loop-di-loops
You must've thought me kin to nincompoops
The silly way I acted
Of course you wouldn't know
That you were so a-glow
And I was so attracted
But, baby, take a bow
My heart is going oops right now
Pops, you are the tops
The moment that my eyes behold your chops
You lift me to the skies, my heart flip-flops
You shouldn't make it make like that
Bell, my buxom bell
I'm still in love with you 'cause truth tell
You always kinda knew that we would gel
'Cause jam could never shake like that
I was going for a frantic
But completely unromantic sorta drive
But I knew you wouldn't quit
When I dug you and you hit me with that old time jive
(Sing it, Ella)
Then, oops, my heart went oops
Sitting on the stoops, the local droops
They nearly flipped their tops, I mean, in groups
The silly way we acted
Of course they couldn't know
That you were so a-glow
And I was so attracted
Yes, baby, take a bow
My heart is going oops, oops, oops, oops, oops, right now
Oops, oops, then