That is a good book which is opened with expectation and closed with profit.

Amos Bronson Alcott

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Nothin' About You Is Good for Me
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Don't come knockin' on my door no more
Don't you come around here messin' with me
Don't call me baby
Your pretty lady ain't the same little woman that she used to be
Don't you come over here layin' on the horn
Don't call my telephone one more time
Don't call my mama, don't call my sister
Don't nobody care what's on your mind
All your silver-tongue sweet-talkin' lies
They got old a long long time ago
You know it's a shame you're so
Hell bent on bein' hard-headed (ain't it though)
You ain't nothin' but a reason to run
You ain't got nothin' good for no one
No heart, no class, no job, no clue
Ain't nothin' about you good for me baby
Nothin' about you is good for me (no)
Don't you come over here wheelin' and a dealin'
Don't come around here beggin' me back
Makin' a promise, not a nickel in your pocket
With your mouth writing checks that you can't cash
[Chorus x2]
I said nothin' about you is good for me baby
Nothin' about you is good for me (no)