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Never Gonna Get It
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Ca sĩ: Akon
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I'm from the hard knock academy
Automatically had to be
Carryin' automatics sprayin' sparatic inaccurate
Clips to the back of it
Barrel cockin' it immaculate
Learn to move packages in n out of Los Angeles
We savages, bustin' off rounds sprayin' banana clips
Knockin' pills off like Anna Nicole Smith
****, I'm in the hood walkin' with choppers
**** em and pop em coppers glauks be talkin' like
Blockedie block, block I'll probably popped Hoffa and possibly jus forgot where I tossed em
This *****s obnoxious, me and top got your picture in the cockpit
She wanna pit stop, jus see how the **** spit
These boss's deposit the profit they watch as we cop it on top of the ostrich and fox's
It use to be the lil guys in stress now Ima boss where I'm from, with the last stress on my chest
See I know you'll like my swagger
No strap when I come through
Chain hangin' like Ali Baba
Know me, yah Know how I Do
The way that I move ***** (yah neva gonna get it)
Cause I'm to smooth ***** (yah neva gonna get it)
I thought you knew ***** (yah neva gonna get it)
You ain't got a clue ***** (yah neva gonna get it)
Who in the hell left the gate open? (Drama)
I'm pretty down for the wild, wild west
Like them 1800's in em stage coaches
If I ain't strapped then my blaze pokin'
If it ain't a 600 big body then the 6 4-0 honey is spokin'
The drama spokesman, streets endorsed em
I rather be up in my nine then closed in my coffin
I'm from Wes Covina, this ain't Compton
Still money passed around like we takin' an offerin'
I'm somethin' like a phenomenon
When they see the sad happy faces they know the drama is on
Its the west coast back at your front door
We up close and personal, we ain't done till the curtains close
Could be friend or foe, love it or hate it
I'm the king but I play with the Aces
Run up to find out I keep it loaded like bases
Yah wise in your mouth but need braces
See when I walk through the door
I wonderin' why these fake *****s jackin' me for?
On display like I came from the store
Posin' like a mannequin in front of your hoe
Up front blockin' 151 peep now
Convicts Surround the whole compound
Cause you don't really want what your starin' at
Clip full of Bullets, don't mind sharin' that thing