We don’t believe in rheumatism and true love until after the first attack.

Marie E. Eschenbach

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Never Forget Me Feat. Akon
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-Akon- Chorus-:
Goin' through the struggles everyday on this pavement/ In every hood I see 'em doin' the same (the same)/ There's a lot of haters that don't want me to make it/ All I want is for you to remember my name/ So that you never forget me...So that you never forget me...So that you never forget me...So that you never forget me...
-Krayzie Bone-
When I'm dead and gone, they gon' remember me as being one of the livest/ Genuine ghetto survivors/ When they be temporary silent, poppin' their mind "The Silent Killer"!/ Straight out the ghetto a grimy nigga/ with lyrics more potent than a vipers venom, one bite could kill 'em/ When I get at 'em niggas never knew what had him 'em/ Legends! From what we done did on the streets and what we done did spit on these records/ Blessings! We take 'em they put em on beats and we give 'em back, no question/ Granddaddy of the Midwest..Krayzie Jackson (Jackson)/ The lyrical serial killer I'm fillin the illest of niggas that's over the mind I'm the master/ When it comes to the rhyme, I'm faster than half of these niggas rappin'/ When they come to the grind Im mashin' no time for second chances/ When it all goes down, when they put me in my grave/ "Fuck 'em all!" across my tombstone and bury me with my gauge (gauge..gauge)
-Layzie Bone-
My reputation is solid dog, and my street cred' is on polish ya'll/ Known as a lil boss hog in the hood, boy in ma hood, ima superstar/ Niggas in the path, tryna hold a nigga down, but I put in my work and checked it, checked it/ Now these niggas respecting, knowing I'm the wrong one, nigga wanna mess with/ From the gutter, with my brothers, knew in these ghetto streets, they dont love us/ Duckin' these under-covers, these motha fuckers, doin' everythang to try ta bust us/ But these suckers, know they cant touch us, they envy deep in they heart/ If they ever, try to rush us, nigga they know we ganna rip 'em apart/ Niggas go hard, from the start, nigga this Nina Ross is my body guard/ Fuck with mine and ill charge, lil crazy nigga at large/ Pullin' cards, on these lame niggas, ill never let go of ma heat/ Yeah..stand up man, on his feet/ lil Layzie Bone on the creep...'member, me.
-Wish Bone-
What I got to for you not to forget who brought you with that straight thug spit?/ Sped up a little bit with gangsta talk with that harmony all over it/ Hey Bone sang (sang), then we mixed it with that street talk/ And we know that little Eazy, he let us get our creep on/ And then he went home (home), but its all good (good)/ He left the right ones (ones), through us he's still in the hood/ Rest in peace (peace) E/ Like him when I die I hope they remember me (me)/ That’s why I no lie when I reach you with these beats (beats)/ Took alot from nothin', remember the thugs for the songs that we sung/ And makin' it through the struggle, that struggle/ It ain't easy believe me, get breezy, believe it/ Still goin' on hustle game's strong, but I do it so they remember me..