Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

Attributed to Groucho Marx

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Never Enough
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Ca sĩ: Del Amitri
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With two hundred people in suits all the same
You walk off that last lonely train.
On the half finished buildings only seagulls remain
As you try to think back to the root of this pain.
And life ain't worth living without a little love
But a little love is never enough.
So some folks are fighting for freedom but you're just fighting the flab
And therein lies the reason that life is a drag.
So you gaze at the television
As some publicity goons cut loose those useless balloons.
Down in the darkness of your lying little heart
There's a space for you to change
So you can take this world apart.
And these days the morning mirror seems to say to you now,
That you used to be pretty but you're alright now.
And sometimes you find you're dreaming as you're late for work again
Thinking there's not many trees you can see from this train.
Life ain't worth living
Without a little love
But a little love is never enough