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Nasty Girl
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Ca sĩ: Ludacris
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She makes her own money, pays her own bills, always stat fly, keeps it so real,
But behind closed doors she a nasty girl behind closed doors she a nasty girl.
She got a crazy little figure, nice round ***, walks so proper, talks with such class,
But behind closed doors she a nasty girl, behind closed doors she a nasty girl.
I met this girl named Keysha, she was so sweet
Nails stay manicured, pretty little feet
Shoes so sexy, body so hot
Hair lookin' like she just came from the shop
Legs so smooth, clothes so tight
Style so sexy, make her just right
Never too much, never too little
Black laced bra, Vicki secrets in the middle
Eyes so innocent, smile so bright
Works in the mornin, but she'll party all night
All for a man, all 'cause she bought it
All 'cause she crazy in love and don't doubt it
Product of her birth place, know about the streets
Clean in the work place, dirty in the sheets
Keeps her own toaster, makes her own bread
Lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed
I got a college girl go to church every Sunday
Had to sneak her outta choir for her to put it on me
But she so innocent, when she when she around her mommy
One thing about her she get her own money
Gave it to her yesterday while she was doin' laundry
Favorite toy of mine is my lil bunny
Bow legged and glasses, such a real woman
Sex all night, go to work every mornin'
Text me from work and told me she was horny
Text her back and told her me too mommy
When you get off work daddy gon' punish
You're my nasty girl forever I promise
I got a doctor girlfriend that tells me come home soon
She plays like my house is her emergency room
Tells me to undress and to lay on the sofa
Checks all my vitals like a docs supposed ta
All white coat, all white heels
And nothin' underneath so its an all night deal
I'm a number one patient and delighted to be
And when she needs her medicine I give her Vitamin D
But wait, I got a lawyer girl that's so wild
And every single night she wanna take me to trial
She said she needs some evidence and to show her the proof
So I put her on the stand and I give her the truth
Cause I'm hung like a jury
Judge Luda preside over your body and I'm never in a hurry
You may proceed, let the games begin
And if I call a miss trial we gotta do it again