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Bertolt Brecht

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Mood Indigo
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A taste of breath, a kiss sweeter than honey
Your eyes a misty dream, a million miles away
And in my ear, you whisper my name
Just like in some old news flash
From light years ago
Van Dyke's on the slide trombone
Through the smoke of the party room
Your teeth like the Ivory Coast
Start singin' my favorite song
And it happen' to be mood indigo
Mood indigo I just go weak,
When I hear Mood indigo
Could last for weeks,
Until I decide to wake up
Before I break up
Holdin' on to my heart,
Smokin' them down hills
In a room number thirteen,
Tryin' to stretch my luck again
Down the corridor, why
Our footsteps echo against the wall
My date with mystery,
My girl from Sin City
Tonight I'm gonna sacrifice,
For the first time in my life
Make it all come back to me,
Like an old forgotten dream