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Man Overboard
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Ca sĩ: Eric Clapton
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You say you do when you don't, you say you will when you won't.
You make me laugh make me cry, you make me live make me die.
You put me in put me out, you make me scream make me shout.
You pick me up put me down, you make me king make me clown.
I'm like a man on fire, a man overboard.
I'm like a man on fire, a man overboard.
You can turn on the light in the middle of the night.
You can put me to rest, what you do is the best.
You can turn me away and get me back the next day.
You can fill up my heart or you can tear it apart.
You got me so excited you put my heart on overload.
You got my soul ignited, I'm getting ready to explode.
There ain't no early warning for what I'm going through.
I got the fever in the morning because my heart is set on you.