He who lends a book is an idiot. He who returns the book is more of an idiot.

Arabic Proverb

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Ca sĩ: Hilary Duff
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Hop the fast train out of town
Downside up, and upside down
Going fast is going slow
What could've been we'll never know
In this place that has no name
I can't remember why I came
Then I hear you whisper low
One more mile to Jericho
Nothing is ever what it seems
When you live inside your dreams
The walls will tumble, the walls will tumble
But I'm not gonna cry
My heart won't crumble, my heart won't crumble
If we ever say goodbye
Everybody gets the joke
Where's the fire, where's the smoke
Money, love and jealousy
Something's got a hold on me
But I will follow where you go
One more mile to Jericho
Goodbye now, goodbye
One more mile, one more kiss
One more word, one more wish
And I will save us, this I know
From this place called Jericho
[Chorus: x2]
If we ever say goodbye [Repeat: x4]
Goodbye, goodbye