No person who can read is ever successful at cleaning out an attic.

Ann Landers

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Isn't It a Pity?
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Why did I wander
Here and there and yonder
Wasting precious time
For no reason or rhyme
Isn't it a pity
Isn't it a crime
My journeys ended
Everything is splendid
Meeting you today
Has given me a wonderful idea
Here I stay
It's a funny thing
I look at you
I get a thrill
I never knew
Isn't it a pity
We never met before?
Here we are at last
It's like a dream
The two of us
A perfect team
Isn't it a pity
We never met before?
Imagine all the lonely years you wasted
Fishing for salmon
Losing at backgammon
What joys un-tasted
My nights were sour
Spent with Schopenhauer
Let's forget the past
Let's both agree
That I'm for you
And you're for me
And it's such a pity
We never, never met before
It's an awful pity
We never, never met before