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I Wanna Tell the World
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I saw you
And you saw me
And I didn't even know your name
Just one look
That was all it took
And I knew I'd never be the same
If walkin' on air compares to what I feel
Then how can I keep it sealed when
I want to tell the world
If the smile on my face
Hasn't given me away already
I want to tell the world
There ain't no way to hide it
Your love has got me flyin' high
Since the day
That you looked my way
I knew we were meant to be together
Now I thank the Lord
For a love like yours
Cause I know it's gonna last forever
It's hard to believe my dreams have all come true
And I'm so in love with you that
I just want the world to know
Love has got me good to go
[I want to tell the world, I want to tell the world]
I have got to get it out
She is all I think about
[I want to tell the world, I want to tell the world]
It's something' that I need to say
Love has overtaken me