Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work.

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I Luv Your Girl
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Ca sĩ: The-Dream
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Mm mm
The American Dream
And you know what I mean
Radio Killa,
Should beat the track up like Gorrilla
Yeah We be up club, I see her do her thing,
I might wanna' rap, but she'll make you sing,
I was on her, she was on him,
She all up on ma thing, put the thing on her hip
She ATL papa, don't know how to act,
She left for one song, and came right back,
Grindin' on me, (The best tonight?)
Her man started muggin', he could see it in my eyes,
Lil' mama so hood, (I love your girl)
Lil' mama stay fly (I love your girl)
Wife beater with the denim (I love your girl)
She keeps them heels on high, (I love your girl)
Man look at shorty roll, (I love your girl)
Man, look at shorty go, (I love your girl)
(I'm sorry I gotta be up on your wild girlfriend?)
And she runnin' Fingers through her hair,
tryin ta call her over there but she like, ****! That *****!
She drop it down to the floor, I'm sayin shorty you should go, and she like ****! That *****!
Call it in B, I want her on me, all up in my head, now she in my bed,
Me and lil shorty in the back, Talkin' bout dis diss, talkin' bout dat dat,
Got her on patron?, she actin' all bad,
Girl chose me, Don't be mad.
Kelly told y'all don't bring 'em in the club,
The way she rock that, got the boy in love,
And I pray that y'all ain't serious, cause seriously shes on my ****.
The American Dream,
Usually, You won't see me hate,
On another dude,
Ma got me up and get willin to separate you
From ya boo,
But she on me, and I'm on her,
We walkin' out the club, shawty what's up,
Mm I want her in the worst way, plus I just found out that it's her birthday
Part of me feels so bad, but oh! Not that bad.
Situation got you mad, I would be too, cause damn she bad.
Damn she bad, bad, bad, bad,
Damn she bad, bad, bad, bad