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William Styron

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I Can Tell You That
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One day I'll always remember
Was when you walked into my life
It was a very special night
When we danced so close, so tender
It gave my heart the second chance
That I'd been waiting for
But our love is falling
All kinds of pressure has temptation calling
It gives me fever
But no matter what, I ain't gonna leave you
I'm gonna stay till the last day
Worry no more, what is love for?
I hear love knocking honey
Come on, let's open the door
You know you've got me to love
I can tell you that
If you should ever need some love
You just call me back
I've been loving you from the start
Let me tell you that
And I'll keep loving you from my heart
Sure can tell you that
You've got so much to love
Every time that we kiss
I'm reminded it's you I miss
I just love when we love like this
I can tell you that
Please forgive me if I pout
But my world would turn inside out
If on leaving me you insist
Let me tell you that
I start to hold you but you pull back,
not much just a little
I can't control you
When you get so caught up in the middle
First you say yes, then you say no
Said you're gonna stay, now you're gonna go
You know I'll tell you honey
But I think you already know
I can tell you this
Anytime you go I really miss you
Nothing to do, tired of my friends
Won't you come back and love me again?
So I can tell you that
You've got me forever girl to love