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Geoffrey Gaberino

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I Can Take You There
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Ca sĩ: Jojo
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Let's go
Let me think about it
before you come over
pull up in your Range Rover
lookin so fresh and so clean (you no want I mean, oh)
Your love is like an MVP
You should coach me baby
And after one game
I wanna be apart of your team, Ooh yeah
It's watever baby
I can be your lady
if you want me to then
I Can take you there
It's so automatic
Boy you gotta have it
If you feel me boy than
I Can Take You There
Its my love you're cravin
Oh, its so amazin
If you waitin boy then
I Can Take You There
Dont be shy about it
Aint no way around it
Since you love me baby then
You Can Take Me There
Oooh Baby
I want you to practice til
Pratice til we are prepared
I can take it to the championship(I can take you there)
I can't let you get lazy
You gotta work with me
Rebounds and touch downs
If you want the title boy
Dont you let me down
Wat-Watever it is you need (mmhhmm)
I can garantee I'll be all you dream (All that you dream)
Make you feel like you should
if you let me (Let me)
I promise to be good to you boy
We can win (I promise you will win)
Mhhmmm yea yea
(Chorus x 2)
I Can Take You There
I Can Take You There
I Can Take You There
You Can Take me There