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Bài Hát Xem Nhiều
How da Beat Goes
Sáng tác:
Ca sĩ: Will Smith
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It's all night
And it's all right
Til the sunlight
This is how the beat goes on
Big Will
So hot
This is how the beat goes on
Rockin' n
This is how the beat goes on
Big Will
Tra- Knox
So hot
This is how the beat goes on
It's the bizzi wizza
Jizzi wizzil
Bizon wizzay
Wizzat fizzil
Back again but with a couple of friends
Thought my reign would end well now I'm rubbing it in
I'm back yes yes yallin'
Back again balling
Out for a couple of years thought I had fallen
You seen me with Denzel and Russel Crowe
But yo the movies just a chick on the side I'm in love with the flow
Time off to be an Oscar nominee now
Back to the M-I-see to emcee now
Rockin' the ol heads blazing the youth
Only rapper had the president raising the roof
Check the tape checkmate
Its one mission
Make your move
Don't fight submission
To dawn to dusk
We on a truss
Just don't miss the bus
To jam on with us
Come on
This is
How the
Beat goes on and on and on and
Me and Tra-Knox keep keeping it on an
Jokers ain't stop until the morning
Every everybody come feel this
This union this spirit
Created from the soul oh yeah
It's big will (who else)
And Tra-Knox keeping it real
Tearing up the club
We got what you want
So you cannot front
Everybody get on the floor
Yo we ain't stopping til the morning
Me and Tra-Knox keep keeping it on an (keep keep on)
A hip hop superhero
A ?
Cape or a suit
Hit the studio
Every year or so
And escape with the loot
On my down time straight to the links
I could pack a dance floor a movie theatre or truck from ?
On Christmas, mom and wife douse em with ice
AOL, search will smith thousands of sites
And at the club, hands clapping toes tapping
Sucker I'm the greatest thing ever happen to rapping (in Ali voice)
Best shape of my life destined to show ya
No scrapes or fender benders lead the game total
Free don't move hip hop mogul
Philly ain't happy I
I be the guy to go
The guy to go
You know the go to go
The mega man that got the whole crew like
Damn will done did it again
He done stepped up to the plate and he done hit it again
Yo get them hands up
Throw your hands up
Wave em like you don't care
You like the sound
Then let me hear you say