When they asked me what I loved most about life, I smiled and said you.


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He's A Cowboy
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Ca sĩ: Mark Wills
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Jenny's daddy was five years gone
By the time that Jenny was six years old
It was her and her mom and her parakeet Pete
In a little blue house at the end of the street
Her friends asked her what her daddy did
And You know how it is when you're just a kid
She couldn't tell them that she didn't know, so
Jenny just lied and told 'em
He's a cowboy ridin' the range
He's got a painted pony with a flowin' mane
And he's chasin' the sun, dodgin' the rain and
He don't go runnin' away when it gets tough
He's made of that stuff
That Don't let you down, boy
No, he's a cowboy
He's a cowboy
Ten years later after a pillow fight
Well, Jenny and her friends got to talkin' about life
And what they're gonna do when they graduate
And what kind of guy they're gonna marry one
And all of her friends said the usual stuff
You know doctors and lawyers and bankers and such
But Jenny didn't even bat an eye
When she started talkin' 'bout her dream guy
It was a
Well, Jenny married a guy named Mike
And they had a little boy, and they started life
But Mike ran off four years ago
And now her little boy is five years old
And Jenny looks out the window and smiles
At the way life works when you give it a while
Her little man runnin' 'round out back
With a stick horse and a little red hat
Jenny finally got her that cowboy