A good book has no ending.

R.D. Cumming

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Ca sĩ: Hilary Duff
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I understand why you're looking for tears in my eyes
Trust me, they were there but now the well has run dry
I was in so deep I couldn't get out
I sat on feelings that I buried deep down
I knew there'd come a day when our paths would cross
And I'm glad it's today 'cause now I am strong
I'm happy, and I can thank myself
If it were up to you, I'd be in my bed crying
But I'm happy, and I know that makes you sad
After all the things you put me through
I'm finally getting over you
I'm happy
I'm happy
There's a reason why we met, and I'm glad that we did, yeah, yeah
But when we broke up, I got back a part of me I really missed
Not saying that you brought me down all the time
There were moments I lived without light on my side
All the bitterness has passed
And I only wish you someone who can do what I can't
[Chorus: x2]