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Christopher Morley

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Got You Home
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I want you to believe in us
Trust in your heart - I'm very real
I want you to believe in me
In time you'll know you're all
I need
I see that you're hurting
And don't believe my words are true
But, well, I'm truly certain
With all my heart
I'll never hurt you
Take time to realize
The whos, the whats, the wheres, and why's
Don't have to compromise
The love we feel we can't deny
It took me by surprise
No, it didn't take me long
Can't be long
Feeling strong
I want you for the long haul
I see that you're open
And that you wanna feel much more
Well, I'm truly certain
That my love will open the door
To feelings to love
And happiness
To a life filled with wonder
Never second guess
That I want you and I love you
Never wanted more
You the one that I need
And the one that I adore