Reading - the best state yet to keep absolute loneliness at bay.

William Styron

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Gospel Oak
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Ca sĩ: James
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Well I see the prophet
And the foward fake
And I hold it to your eyes
And the wind is spurned
To the trees
And spurning on your charms
And the ways are laughing on
On your door
And the man is coming all old
And when when the crime is over
Who is safe
Who is safe
And who is gospel oak
On the glamorous night
Each cragged end
And the murderer core survived
From the tunes today
It's sold your space
And I don't know your crime
From the board is slain
And honoured tall
And the wind it is so cold
And they're dueling on a foreign race
Foreign race
Foreign raced it all
So make cupped to me now
It's a long long lazy raves down streets' names
Don't give yer cap to me now
From the raging cloth and the ranging klaxon changed
Raise down
Your soul
Your down
In bloom
Raise down
Hear slay
On and on
Human race
Don't give up on me now
No don't give up on me now
Now now so alone
You're already gone
When your face yours away
When you breeze on everyone