Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren't very new after all.

Abraham Lincoln

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Forget About Love
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[IAGO:] Forget about that guy
Forget about the way you fell into his eyes
Forget about his charms
Forget about the way he held you in his arms
Walking on air's obnoxious
The thrill
The chill
Will make you nauseous
And you'll never get enough
Just forget about love!
Forget about romance
Forget about the way your heart begins to dance
Then you feel the blush
When he's spouting out some sentimental mush
Love really is revolting!
It's even worse than when you're moulting
Enough of this fluff!
Just forget about love!
[JASMINE:] I had almost forgotten the way it felt
When he held out his hand for mine
My heart all a-flutter
[IAGO:] Oh, how I shudder
[JASMINE:] The first time we kissed
[IAGO:] It won't be missed!
Forget about 'is touch
[JASMINE:] I can't forget about his touch
[IAGO:] In the scheme of things,
It doesn't matter much
[JASMINE:] It matters so mu-uch
[IAGO:] You're better on your own
A meal becomes a banquet
When you eat alone
[JASMINE:] Hmm-mm-mm-mm
[BOTH:] Love's filled with compromises
[IAGO:] And don't you hate those big surprises?
[JASMINE:] A cozy rendezvous
[IAGO:] Oh, please!
[JASMINE:] Candlelight for two
[IAGO:] Oh, geez!
[JASMINE:] Look you're calling my bluff!
[BOTH:] (I can't) (Just) forget about love!
[JASMINE:] I can't forget about my heart
[ALADDIN:] I can't forget about my heart
[JASMINE:] And how it felt
To fall for you right from the start
[ALADDIN:] I'm still falling
[JASMINE:] Whatever we may do
[ALADDIN:] Whatever we may do
[JASMINE:] You are here for me,
And I'll be there for you
[ALADDIN:] I'll be there
[BOTH:] To wish, to want, to wander
To find the sun
Through rain and thunder
[ALADDIN:] A cozy rendezvous
[JASMINE:] Yes, please!
[ALADDIN:] Candlelight for two
[IAGO:] Oh, geez!
Enough is enough!
We can't forget about love!