To love is to admire with the heart:

to admire is to love with the mind.

Theophile Gautier

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For Your Life
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Ca sĩ: Led Zeppelin
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You said I was the only
With my lemon in your hand
Exhibition is your habit
Emotion second hand
Had to pull away to save me
Maybe next time around
And she said, don't you want to'?
Don't you want to cook it, cook it, cook it?
Hadn't planned to, could not stand to try it, fry it, na na na yeah
Heard a cry for mercy
In the city of the damned
Oh oh babe, damned
Down in the pits you go no lower
The next stop's underground
Oh, hello underground
Wine and roses ain't quite over
Fate deals a losing hand
And I said, didn't mean to, did not mean to fail
You didn't plan it, you over-ran it
You want to do it, you want to
You want to do it when you want to
You want to do it, do it when you want to
When you blow it, babe,
You got to blow it right
Oh baby, if you fake it, mama
Baby, fake with all your might
When you fake it, mama
Please fake it right (for yourself babe)
When you fake it baby
You're fakin' it for your life, for your life
For your life, for your life
Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
Do it when you want to
Do it, do it, do it
Do it when you want to
Oh, I can have you, baby
But I don't know what to do, yeah
Sometime, baby, nothin' I could do
On the balance of a crystal
Payin' through the nose
And when they couldn't resist you
I thought you'd go with the flow
And now your stage is empty, bring down the curtain, baby please
Fold up your show
Hadn't planned to
Could not stand to fry in it
Hadn't planned it,
I over-ran it (fryin')
For your life
For your life


by nguyen phuong