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Louis L’Amour

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Flow Motion
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Flow 'round by the wind
(Flow motion)
Flow 'round by the wind
(Flow motion)
[Layzie Bone]
Ride wit me
Ride wit me
Who is that cun wit the tongue
Like the double X ward
Talking out the neck
Like we wouldn't push forward
We murdered you *****s
And rap suckas
While you *****s
And we leave our competition
Like where was none for us
**** got board
Back the to hood to the thugs and fiends
Sold crack in the hood
Took my money
And my Trophies
And my Plaques back to the hood
*****s weren't going out Hollywood not bone
We keep it gutta
Thuggish, ruggish from the 99
My paper hustle
Been around the world a couple of times
Check the record
You can see I am work-in double time
Give 'em something they can feel
When I'm on the grind
Let the gangstas ride
In the summa time shine real bright
If you wanna get down
Let the top back slow
Take a drag of the dro
Flippin' hard time now
You can burn that now
I Flow when I go
In flo' mo', In Flow motion
(Flow 'round by the wind)
I Flow when I go
In flo' mo', In Flow motion
(Flow 'round by the wind)
[Krayzie Bone]
Try and keep up to the rhythm
Of the ***** really figga you handle
I'll make you an example sample
When I stomp on these
Some *****s at random
Clear mother
Mend the anotha
To get the phantom family
See me and I got to
Run in hood, while they run around
They coming at cha
Wit a sound like thugness
Strike like lightin'
Hit em and they wonder
Where they at
Now all them Thuggish Ruggish *****s
Come from bone bone
Never be anotha ***
That can **** wit them thug Brothas
They all the same
They talk a lot but never got the balls to play
*****s better not
Look at all this weight
No not this way
But if they ever fizzle to the Gristle
Blow the whistle,
On the swizzle its official
And we back
To get it crackin'
In the middle of the action
We got ch'you in flow motion
[Wish Bone]
Point your fist
Pull your pistol
Put cha finger in the middle
I'm a show you
How to disrespect a issue
****** *****
Let me loose **** a Lawsuit
I gotta get em lay 'em up
Some where
We cap spinnin'
You gon' get 'em
Hospital Rehab
He alright one to the chest
One to the knee cap
I'm a keep it raw
So you know you better back off
Twist said get em
So you know we bout to bite cha
FS stepped up
Fear when we roll up
Every body roll up
Everybody toast up
Get it twist a *****
Pay attachin' to when you leave
Wit your grill-less
And feelins' hurt
And shirt fulla dirt
***** we work wit witch-it
I'm a bust a ***** be first
Back again gotta be heard
Had a intermission but its so good
Its so good back the flow motion on 'em?
[Chorus:Repeat x2]