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Ca sĩ: Shakira
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I'm Here
I know you aren't coming back
everything we got time left it behind
I know you aren't bringing back what we spent together
it wouldn't never repeat again
A thousand years won't be enough
to erase you and forget
And now I'm here trying to convert
cities from countries
mixing sky with sea
i know I let you run away
I know I lost you
nothing is gonna be the same
A thousand years can be reach so I can forgive
I'm here, loving you
drawning myself
between pictures and notebooks
between things and memories
that i can't understand
I'm turning crazy
changing feet for my face
this night for day
and there's nothing i can do
The letters i wrote i never sent them away
you wouldn't want to know about me
I can't understand
how fool i was
is a matter of faith and time
A thousand years with others a thousand years more
Are enough to love
If you still think some of me
you know I'm still waiting for you

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