I have learned not to worry about love;

But to honor its coming with all my heart.

Alice Walker

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Don't Take It So Personal
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Ca sĩ: Babyface
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I was wrong I was out of line
I didn't' meant to lead you one
But there was something in your eyes
Your look so fly
Reminds me of my girl back home
Had it been another time
I surely wouldn't
If you and I were gettin it on
But see I got me a girl
And She's my world
Thought you should know
Don't take it so personal(personal babe)
Don't you know there's nothing wrong with you
Nothing wrong with me
Its just the way it be
Don't take it so personal
Ain't got nothin to do with you
Sometimes you win or lose
Get chose or chooose
There's really nothing you can do
Its alright
Don't apologize
You didn't mean to turn me on
There was something bout that night'
That felt so right
Even I was bout to lose control
I could think of you
No lie its true
I knew I had to stop myself
'Cause I got me a girl
And she's my world
I thought you should know
You could've been my girl
I could've been with you
You could have been my baby too
I could've been your man
You could've been my boo
I could be makin love to you
I coulda been your sweetheart
Always down for you
Spending all my time with you (spending all my time)
But see I got me a girl
And she's my world
And I just want to say to you
Don't take it so
Don't take it so personal Baby
Don't take it so
Don't take it so personal