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Oprah Winfrey

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Ca sĩ: Shania Twain
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Don't, don't you wish we tried
Do you feel what I feel inside
And all the loss stronger than pride
Oh, no don't
Don't let your anger grow
Just tell me what you need me to know
Please talk to me, don't close the door
Cause I want to hear you,
Want to be near you
Don't fight, don't argue
Just give me the chance to say that I'm sorry
Just let me love you
Don't turn me away, don't tell me to go
Don't, don't give up on trust
Don't give up on me, on us
If we could just hold on long enough
We can do it,
We'll get through it
Don't pretend that it's ok
Things won't get better that way
And don't do something you might regret someday
Don't give up on me
We can do it,
We'll get through it
[Chorus: x3]