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Tom Hopkins

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Diamonds & Gold
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Ca sĩ: Mac Miller
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Turn my beat up a little bit, yo
For real I was, I was, I was gonna get louder
Alright cool
She keep on gettin' played like it's recess, break her heart's a reflex
She want to hit the beach, and show her ******* down in Key West
Someone leave her crying all the time and now she finally out of Kleenex
Sick of dudes not givin' her the respect
Cause really she a genius, a CEO
Tryin' to be on top alone, she don't keep them close
She been waitin' for the opportunity to be a boss
Tough *****, probably would've thought she played lacrosse
Sick of bein' soft with her heart broken all the time
Want some money too, ****in' dudes
And falling all in love with who, was nothin' new
Only coming through to bust a nut or two
She just need her family like the Huxtables
And now she on the road, left them home to takeover
Get rich and have her crib made over
But she gonna do it partyin', with her cup full
Ain't gonna trust you, but she gonna **** you
She wants diamonds, she wants gold
But she's scared to let you get too close
And she's been high and she's been low
But now she finally on her own
And they've been looking
So they been finding
Cause she ain't grinding
And she ain't hiding
Until she finds her place back home
And then she's finally all alone
She gonna be rich, as ****
In high school they were callin' her a slut
But now she coming up, Louis Vuitton and Juicy on her butt
See the *****es that be hatin' like "What's up?"
Cause they ain't doing nothing and she out here stuntin'
Middle finger to them hoes, all them *****es had it comin'
Yeah, on top of the world, she lookin' down
Invite you to the crib, let you look around
Just a ****in' tease, tryna get your cheese
Invite you out to dinner, 'cause she want to eat for free
She could pay it if she wanted to, she won't though
Go home, she got more dough
[Chorus: x2]