I have learned not to worry about love;

But to honor its coming with all my heart.

Alice Walker

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Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
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Ca sĩ: Shinedown
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She's a still thrill of suicide they say
Cyanide in her plastic veins
She's a mannequin of misery
She's on a bender
But she ain't gonna break
Hey, hey
Taste like sugar, but it's Novocaine
She's grinding teeth
So she can sharpen the pain
White lights, train wreck
Black lips, pale eyes
Cyanide sweet tooth suicide
She's a killer
She is mine
Cyanide sweet tooth suicide
Cerebellum feeds the brain
Hurricane in a violent rage
They say
She's a looker just like Anna Nicole
Oh, no
**** the silver,
Let's go straight for the gold
Hey, hey
Digging deeper than a six foot hole
She's snorting cocaine through a suicide note
White light, train wreck
White lights, train wreck
[Chorus: Repeat x2]