God be thanked for books! they are the voices of the distant and the dead, and make us heirs of the spiritual life of past ages.

W.E. Channing

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Ca sĩ: Boyz II Men
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From your ankle bracelet to your belly ring
From the tat on your back with the angel wings
Staring at your mouth waiting to hear anything
Baby I get so lost in you
When you walk it looks like your floating
Cause your vibe to me is mad potent
Like a Hemingway novel you got me open
Hoping I can get into you
Going further from your hips to your collar bone
And the direction between your love and your skin tone
Coffee, caramel, butter soft...that's you
I'm amazed all the ways God blessed you
In a crowd of 1000 women, it's just you
Can't wait to make one, none of us two...hey
I just want to melt with you
Baby can I melt with you
From the moment that I saw you
Right then I knew
That I had a crush on you
Can't wait to get close to you
To touch on you
Girl I gotta crush on you
No one can show you better
Than me girl, what's your pleasure
Whatever it is I'll do
Cause I've got a crush on you
I love the way you pop your gum
And the way you lick your lips when you want some
Walkin round the crib with your boy shorts on
On bare feet arched like you got heels on
On the phone with the girls smiling and laughin
The real conversation is between me and you
As soon as you hang up we can make something happen
I've been watchin you, watch me, watch you
I love the way we hug and stuff
The way we laugh afterwards because the sex was rough
Clean up, go downstairs bust a grub
And back upstairs to make some more love
You're exactly what I needed too
I could see how a man could fall in love with you
Hey, that's the way it is with you
That's the way it is with you
Girl...it's you and all the things you do
I'm high as a cloud and I don't want to come down
This thing that we have found is so beautiful
You should know
[Repeat chorus]