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Corner of the Heart
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Ca sĩ: Collin Raye
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Way down at the bottom
Both sides come together
And form a V
And that's what mama calls
The corner of the heart
She says a lot of couples
Never turn that corner
They don't love that deep
They care a little while
Then they drift apart
Well now, baby,
If you wonder why
I'm telling you all of this
It's because something is changing
I can feel it when we kiss
And if the moon keeps rising
You better hold on I am
Turning the corner of the heart
Back in the Albuquerque
Near the river
There was a cottonwood
One summer hooked up with
A climbing rose
And by the time it snowed
They were so tangled
Nothing on earth could get
That handsome couple to let go
Well now, baby,
This world spins too quick
For the eye to see
The slow changing
Of a stranger into family
But if the moon keeps rising
But if the moon keeps rising
Turning the corner of the heart
(Turning the corner of the heart)