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Change The World
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Raising hustlers, thieves and prostitutes,
Young homie think before you shoot murder a.
Where will our children go when there's no place (no where)anywhere they can go.
And trouble may come in sometime you get pulled
Over by one time and when its 1999 the one didn't even make any stride.
Murder a all around the whole world is nausiatin', everybody overrated why everybody's actin' agitated I thought we graduated back in the sat away up on the battle station (oh yeah)
Patience is a birth defect and ain't and when the curtains
O's open up the door no more, no more.
[Chorus: Bizzy]
See we losing this world we love and it looks like the sin that won't end,
So I'm reaching high up above lord let your blessings begin,
And lets change the world [Repeat: x7]
[Flesh'in Bone]
You got me to set off the ride,ridin' with my troops help get united got the results,
And be thorough up to my Phillies my ***** let me hear the *****z we thuggin' immortalized,
Lets get high its the ***** you most desire,
I can remember from way back in the day coming out the ghetto
Was a hell of a struggle for selling a phi-j-yo
When it was my dream to keep the flow to put my people on another level.
Now could it be for the lust(lust)
Now could it be for the rush(rush)
My *****s love when the bust(bust)
They said they buck and you duck(duck)
They put yo **** in the dust(dust)
My *****s ppep in the come on, ***** killa(killa) thuggish ruggish *****(*****).
Fin and Descending to the dawn of a new millennium antcipatin'
Life without satin hatin'on our enemies together let change the the world.
[Layzie Bone]
Everyday the devil at me and I wish the lord threw a hummer at me I ain't happy,
Me and Easy-E'n the B-E-N-Z wit my *****s right next to me it my legacy
We can't let it stops UH-UH not now,
The whole world heading up a buck-buck pile,
Corruption, destruction, disaster everybody
Tryin'nah rap faster than the master
Oh lord can you save my soul ***** tryin' no go platinum
'round forty-years old the lord knows we can do this ****
Ain't no stoppin' us know cause we can do this ****,
***** me Snoop D Speed be Freaky G the whole world
Want to be rap wit me I'm in the flesh let's talk about sex,
Babies having babies generation x with the A's at beginning,
We ain't cool no more and I know they got a key for this **** we ain't rich,
First we lost Easy then we lost Pac,
Biggy got killed when this **** gonna stop everybody want to know what going on
In the thuggish ruggish bone, bone, bone, bone trying to be prepared for the Y2K
And if I die today I'm trying to change the world.
Change the world [Repeat: x3]
And lets change the world [Repeat: x4]
And even if you do the love of rappin',
But they trying to ban it realize it ain't going to happen
We done change the world evil forces being heard
And said get yo guns better arm your selves most I'll ever do is
Because I want to do don't you notice government
And vote for me and you I have a dream (no)
I have a wish if we can't save ourselves then lets save the kids,
Let the the world go on, let these babies have some,
Let the world go on, just don't blow this ************ up
You kill him he'll kill you some say its stupid but violence really lives.
(Where I come from) hungry little kids.
(Where I come from)thugs like me.
(Where I come from)