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Candy Store Rock
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Ca sĩ: Led Zeppelin
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Well oh baby baby. Don't you want a man like me?
Oh baby baby, I'm just as sweet as anybody could be
Oh baby baby, I want to look to your eyes, of blue
Oh baby baby, It's more than anybody else could do
Well oh baby baby.
You know when I see you walkin' down the street
Oh baby baby, Well you lookin' good enough to eat
Oh baby baby, I don't believe I've tasted this before
Oh baby baby, I want it now
And every mouthful more of you.
Talk about you, yeah.
Oh baby baby,
You know that I wanted it more
Oh baby baby,
I'm about to kiss goodbye to this store
Oh baby baby,
It ain't the wrapping that sells the goods
Oh baby baby,
I got a sweet tooth when my mouth is full of you.
Ooh baby oh baby its alright, its alright
Ohh baby its alright its alright
Well, oh baby, baby,
Oh you sting like a bee
Oh baby, baby,
I like your honey and it sure likes me
Oh baby, baby,
I got my spoon inside your jar
Oh baby, baby,
Don't give me too much, don't make me starve
Oh baby, baby,
Sugar sister on a silver plate
Oh baby, baby,
I need a mouthful and I just can't wait
Oh baby, baby,
See the shaking in my hand
Oh baby, baby,
Don't mean to fumble but it tastes so grand
Tastes so grand,
Tastes so grand, baby it's alright
Oh baby it's alright, oh it's alright
It's alright (repeat)