Love, like a mountain-wind upon an oak, falling upon me, shakes me leaf and bough.


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Calculus Man
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Ca sĩ: Modest Mouse
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Through the stars
Shine on
Get on
The planet
The stars shine on
They shine on this planet
The stars are projectors
Projectin' all lives on down to this planet
The stars are on
And projectin' all lives on to
This planet
I know everything
And the stars
They’re projectin' our lives on down to
This planet
Oh yeah
The stars are watchin' as you
And said how
You get on your knee
Your mouthin' my mood
If you were talking out loud
You’d say, “Uh, how’d they do?”
And I get my mouth
And my words
They can’t make use
To my mouth out of or my brain
And you say what you do
When you do what you said
You’re talking out of to
You’re talking out of threat
I want what
I get on
I get off
I get things you don’t want
And I walk to my head
And I walk through my hell
And I walk through my head
And I know I ain't goin' no where
And I talk to my self
And I talk to my hell
And I’m walkin' round
The planets they revolve around themselves
They evolve
You were talking to god
You were talking to mom
And you were sayin' things loud
And I was doin' out loud
You said, “I can’t”
And the planets projectin' their selves around
And the stars
They're projectin' our lives on this earth
And the stars are projectors
Projectin' our lives on to this earth
I want you playin' out
Even though your mouth and you said what you were worth