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Herb Brody

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Bronx Keeps Creating It
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Ca sĩ: Fat Joe
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"Bronx keeps creating it.."
The bigger ***** from the Bronx Fat Joe!
"Bronx keeps creating it.."
The bigger ***** from the Bronx Fat Joe!
Aiyyo I said yes yes y'all n to the beat all n
Always been no peace so I never like to ball in
But I maintain and keep a grip on the mic
And say a punchline that'll get the crowd hyped, RIGHT
I never could determine who's the best
It was either KRS or that ***** Lord Finesse
But now I maintain that's with my own career
Joe gettin gold dough or somethin wrong in here
'Cause everybody knows I got the skills to pay the bills
Plus I got the flow cause you know +The *Hit is Real+
What? Top notch, I give you nuttin but the raw talent
But don't fake jax and make me have to get violent
You wouldn't like it when I flip the script
'Cause when I flip the script, my glock can have an empty clip
Yeah, straight from the Ave of Trinity
I hate it when a juvenile tries to prove his masculinity
I got the whole vicinity locked down
Police hate it, look what they done to Tupac now
You make me want to blast or somethin
But for now I keep infiltratin these crews that be frontin
And all these other MC's be hatin it
Because the Bronx keeps creatin it, rock on
"Bronx keeps creating it.."
The bigger ***** from the Bronx Fat Joe!
"Bronx keeps creating it.."
The bigger ***** from the Bronx Fat Joe!
Aiyyo I'm comin on de dance with de spliff of sensei
The name is Fat Joe and the crew is BDP
Ninety-three, was the year that I debuted it
Representin, for all my *****z gettin booted
Now who is the number one +Boricua on the Set+?
When in San Fran' I go check Sway and Tech
Otherwise I live the real live back in the BX
Known for transformin on rappers like I'm Jesus
You didn't know I order hits and what not?
Don't make me have to let the dogs loose
and hear the two-per shot, BOO-YA
Ain't it funny how nobody really cares
One minute you're here, the next minute you're under there
Word to Christ, I put out your lights
Every stripe's precise, K.O.'s in all fights
Fatal like Joe with this murderous flow
The Bronx keeps creatin it, you know how that go, peace
"Bronx keeps creating it.."
The bigger ***** from the Bronx, Fat Joe, yeah!
"Bronx keeps creating it.."